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Audioconference Series Installment One: Protecting Healthcare Workers from Respiratory Infections such as TB and Flu

TB Guidelines Have Changed!  Are You Ready?


CDC's new TB Guidelines have been realeased and they require a complete overhaul of your practices' TB policies.  After plowing through hundreds of pages of CDC's new TB Guidelines, we at Quality America were pleasantly surprised to learn that for outpatient medical and dental facilities, the new guidelines aren't difficult or expensive, and unlike some other federal regulations, they really do make sense!  How can you get up to speed quickly and easily?  This seminar is designed to provide information on how to quickly and easily implement CDC's new TB Guidelines.


Simply gather your staff 'round the phone for "Protecting Healthcare Workers from Respiratory Infections such as TB and Flu," the first installment of Quality America's new audioconference series, March 24, 2:30-4 PM, EST.


Topics include:

Determining your practice's risk (i.e., how to perform a risk assessment)

Testing employees for TB and dealing with complications with the test (e.g., BCG vaccine) 

How to quickly identify TB patients and require them to practice respiratory hygiene

What masks must be worn when working with patents who have or are suspected to  have TB, flu and whooping cough 

What actions you should take when an employee has a positive TB skin test


Price: $149 1-800-946-9956

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