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Need a State-Specific OSHA Manual?

Probably not!  Even though 23 states have their own OSHA programs, the items most states require for medical facilities are identical to OSHA's federal regulations.  In fact, the U.S. government mandates state OSHA plans can never be less restrictive than the federal register.  Quality America's OSHA safety programs meet the federal requirements.  Of course, a few states have added a requirement or two, so we include phone numbers for OSHA consultative services specific to each state.  Check out our OSHA Compliance Packages designed specifically for outpatient medical and dental facilities:


Basic OSHA Compliance Program

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OSHA Safety Program Manual
with Updates

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The healthcare industry faces unique safety concerns in the workplace.
Preventing sharps injuries and minimizing exposure to bloodborne
pathogens and hazardous chemicals are issues your practice must take

OSHA addresses these issues through lengthy and sometimes
confusing regulations. Your practice is required to have an up-to-date
and complete OSHA safety program with a policy manual, OSHA
poster, signage, and forms–or else risk hefty fines for non-compliance.

More than a decade ago, nationally recognized expert Dr. Sheila Dunn
developed support programs to help busy practices maintain
compliance–without having to research the substantial regulatory
requirements. Quality America's OSHA compliance packages
contain everything your practice needs to meet OSHA’s compliance
regulations, with fill-in-the-blank sections that enable you to easily
customize your safety program to fit the procedures performed
at your facility.

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