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Biopsy Placed in Formaldehyde

Q: One of our offices takes tissue for biopsy where it is placed into a small glass bottle containing formaldehyde. The bottle is only opened long enough to put the biopsy inside and then immediately closed. What are the restrictions, labeling, etc. required for working with that substance?

A: OSHA's HazCom regulation requires a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for formaldehyde. Also, formaldehyde containers must be labeled with their identity and the hazard warning. Don't worry about air exposure limits if workers know not to leave jars of formaldehyde open for longer than a few seconds. Only when one of your employees is required to pour formaldehyde from a large container into smaller bottles (or another similar activity) do you need to worry about OSHA's chemical hygiene standard, which imposes exposure limits to formaldehyde vapors.

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Posted by Quality America on December 30, 2005 | Comments (1)


Good Morning Dr. Dunn

Recently one of my educators asked if she could do the annual training in July instead of during our annual training period of Oct/Nov/Dec. The last time training was done on her unit was in Nov. of 05.

My question is what is annual is it anytime during the next year or close to the 11th or 12th month period?

Thanks in advance for your help
Capt. John Schenk -Operations Officer

Posted by: CAPT JOHN SCHENK at July 13, 2006 09:53 AM

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