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Hepatitis B Vaccine for Temp Employee

Q: I have a part-time staff member who needs the hepatitis B vaccine (HBV). We want to bill it through her insurance, but she is covered only through her husband's policy. We offered to pay any co-pays/deductibles, but she isn't thrilled about this option. Since she may not remain in our employ permanently, could we have her pay for the vaccine and reimburse her if she remains employed for at least six months?

A: Temporary and part-time employees who could be exposed to patient blood and body fluids must be offered the HBV free of charge. As long as the employee has no out of pocket costs, the hepatitis B vaccination may be charged to her insurance if you (her employer) provide the insurance. The use of a spouse's insurance plan is not considered "at no cost" to the employee. OSHA prohibits reimbursing employees for the vaccine contingent upon length of employment.

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Posted by Quality America on December 30, 2005 | Comments (2)


This question is about staff that we have working for our company, that are actual employees of a temp agency we are using. Since we are not their employer, unless we decide to have them come on board.....are we responsible for offering the Hep B series and giving the mandatory PPD skin testing within 10 days at our place of business, or is the staff employer, who is the temp agency, responsible for making sure both of these are taken care of, and providing a copy for us when they come to our office as a temp employee. Hope this question is not too confusing.
Thanks so much,
Christa Edwards

Posted by: Christa Edwards at February 9, 2006 05:34 PM

The employer is responsible for vaccinating temporary employees (i.e., the temp agency), but if an unvaccinated temp worker contracts HBV in your workplace, your facility could be held liable in a civil suit. So, I recommend that you tell the temp agency that they will not accept anyone who has not been vaccinated and trained on the bloodborne pathogens before they arrive.

Posted by: Dr. Dunn at February 17, 2006 02:54 PM

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