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Judge Upholds OSHA Tube-Holder Citation

An Administrative Law Judge upheld an OSHA citation issued to Quest Diagnostics Laboratory in 2004 for reusing tube holders. The decision was handed down by the Honorable Sidney Goldstein of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (OSHRC). Judge Goldstein presided over a case brought before the court by MetWest, a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics, stemming from a recent citation issued to its Denver blood collection center for reusing tube holders. MetWest contested the citation, which prompted a hearing by the OSHRC.

According to Judge Goldstein's decision, the citation was issued over MetWest's use of the BD "Pronto" auto-release blood collection device. He cited two Quest accident reports documenting accidental needlesticks sustained by phlebotomists from the back ends of needles. MetWest maintained that it did not remove needles from tube holders by hand and that the standard originally intended to allow one-handed removal. The judge disagreed.

Citing MetWest's "good safety program," the fine was reduced by 15% at the time of the citation to $1875. Judge Goldstein upheld the fine. MetWest has petitioned the Review Commission to review the decision.

Source: Phlebotomy Today http://www.phlebotomy.com/Newsletter.html

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