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OSHA Regulations for Medi-Spa

Q: Can you give me direction on where I might find OSHA compliance and regulations for a medi-spa? We will be doing microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, Botox, Restylane, etc. I appreciate any assistance.

A: Since you will be performing injections, OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard will apply to your facility. That employees can be exposed to the chemicals Botox and Restylane (hyaluronic acid) when administering injections will cause your facility to fall under the Hazard Communication Standard. Also, if the laser used for laser hair removal is a Class IV laser you will need to have written policies for laser safety. Written safety policy is recommended, but not required, for class IIIB lasers.

Pre-written policy and procedure to comply with both of these OSHA regulations, and guidance on laser safety, is available in Quality America's OSHA Safety Program Manual. Your personnel will need initial and annual training (required by OSHA) on the subjects specified in the Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communication Standards. A training outline is provided in the OSHA Safety Program Manual, or ready made training is available via the Dr. Dunn Live! DVD or online at Quality America's Online Training Center.

Posted by Quality America on February 15, 2007 | Comments (2)


Do you have any information on developing safety policies for lasers? We do hair removal, tattoo removal, PDLs, photo rejuvenation.

Posted by: Alice Turner at December 3, 2007 11:52 AM

Written laser safety policies are required for Class IIIB and IV Lasers. Most manufacturers provide guidance on how to write a policy for their laser. Look at the label on your laser and if it's a Class IIIB and IV, contact the manufacturer for safety policies.

Posted by: Sarah Alholm at December 4, 2007 02:06 PM

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