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Test Your Knowledge - Label Signal Words

Which of the following words, found on the chemical label, indicates the most hazardous substance?

D. All are equal

C. DANGER is the most serious signal word.

When the signal word is CAUTION, the chemical is slightly hazardous by any of the routes of entry.

When the signal word is WARNING, the chemical is moderately hazardous by at least one route of entry.

When the signal word is DANGER, the chemical is highly hazardous by at least one route of entry.

The exact meaning of the signal word DANGER depends on whether or not it is accompanied by a skull and crossbones symbol and the word POISON. The word DANGER alone means that the chemical's greatest hazard is that it can severely irritate your skin, your eyes or both. If the substance has the word DANGER plus the skull and crossbones symbol, it means that the chemical is highly toxic through one or more routes of entry.

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