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Laser Printers New Source of Indoor Air Pollution?

An Australian scientist and her colleagues came across an interesting discovery when studying ventilation systems ability to protect offices from outdoor air pollutants. They realized more air pollution originated indoors, from laser printers. Particle levels in the office air increased...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:34 PM

Test Your Knowledge - BBP Policy and Procedures

Which of the following is NOT an OSHA requirement for a healthcare facility's Bloodborne Pathogens "Exposure Control Plan"? A. At least 15 pages long B. Accessible to all employees C. Written D. Reviewed annually A. is the correct answer. There...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:50 PM

OSHA Offers New Online Tool for Healthcare Compliance

OSHA recently expanded their Compliance Assistance Quick Start e-Tool by adding a Healthcare Industry Module. This tool is a free compliance assistance resource offered by OSHA. The module uses eight steps to help employers understand OSHA regulations applicable to the...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:36 PM

Sick Building Syndrome

Q: Everyone in our office seems to be getting sick. The doctor was off last week and felt fine but now that he is back to work he's got a headache, throat irritation, etc. Should we get some air testing...

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Posted by salholm at 10:55 AM

Defibrillator Battery Disposal

Q: We need to dispose of the non-rechargeable "power stick" to our Welch Allyn defibrillator. It has an "Li-ion" marking on it. Who should we contact? A: This "power stick" sounds like a Lithium ion battery. We recommended finding local...

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Posted by salholm at 10:28 AM

Trip Hazards and Extension Cords

Q: Would you point me to the exact regulations that deal with trip hazards and extension cords? We have a major trip hazard but I need the documentation to prove that it must be fixed. Thank you! A: OSHA's Walking/Working...

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Posted by salholm at 03:14 PM

Test Your Knowledge - OSHA Inspections

Which of the following is a bad idea if an OSHA inspector arrives unannounced? A) Immediately contact your facility's OSHA Safety Officer and management. B) Let the inspector know you have great safety program with no skeletons in your closet....

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Posted by kmazza at 02:22 PM

Update Your Federal Posters

Changes in federal minimum wage legislation went into effect on July 24, 2007. As a result, all employers are required to display the new Federal Minimum Wage Notice. Place the poster where job applicants and employees can easily see it....

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Posted by kmazza at 02:11 PM

More Drugs Hazardous by End of Year?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is considering expanding the list of drugs that pose hazards to healthcare workers and is asking for your comments before making the list final later this year. 62 drugs that meet...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:58 PM

Wait on Hep B Vaccine Until After Probation Period?

Q: Is there a timeframe for when to start the Hep B series for new employees? Because it's expensive, would it be alright to begin the series after a new employee has completed their 90-day probation period? A: Waiting until...

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Posted by salholm at 10:05 AM


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