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Does Trelstar Use Safety Needle?

Q: We use the drug Trelstar at our urology practice. Our rep says that the item is OSHA compliant but myself and the doctor doubt it. What do you think?

A: Based upon this description, the Trelstar product does not seem to be OSHA compliant. Basically it looks like they have created an elaborate recapping system for the needle. Recapping should never be performed unless required by the procedure. Recapping for disposal is an unnecessary additional risk and against OSHA regulations.

If the needle has some type of sheath that comes down to cover it after the injection, before the disposal steps begin (I could not make one out from the diagram) it could be compliant. Again, this doesn't seem likely since use of this feature was not described.

For more information on evaluating and selecting safety sharps please see Tab 5 of the Quality America OSHA Safety Program Manual or Dental OSHA Safety Program Manual.

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Posted by Quality America on September 26, 2007 | Comments (0)


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