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Test Your Knowledge - MSDS Required?

Which two of the following substances require an MSDS be kept on file?

A) IV Solution of 5% Dextrose with 0.9% Sodium Chloride (D5NS)
B) Bleach for surface decontamination
C) Liquid paper correction fluid (i.e. white-out)
D) Fire extinguisher contents

B) and D) are correct. Since employees can be exposed when decontaminating with bleach AND because surface decontamination is not identical to the product's consumer use, an MSDS is required. Also, fire extinguishers require Material Safety Data Sheets.

The criteria you must consider when evaluating whether MSDS are required are:
1. Is the substance hazardous?
2. Can staff be exposed?

A response of "yes" to both questions indicates a Material Safety Data Sheet must be obtained. However there are a few exceptions to this rule. Notably, no MSDS is required if staff use a consumer product identically and at the same frequency as during consumer use. Also, sample drugs in their final form, such as tablets and capsules, don't need MSDS.

So, an MSDS is NOT required in scenario A) since dextrose and normal saline are not considered hazardous. You don't need MSDS for other common IV solutions such as sterile water, and lactated ringers. You will need sheets for IV drugs such as Heparin.

Finally, unless you're making A LOT of mistakes, liquid paper correction fluid wouldn't need an MSDS based upon the identical to consumer use clause.

For more information about requirements under OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard check out Tab 7 of the Quality America OSHA Safety Program Manual, Tab 6 of the Dental OSHA Safety Program Manual.

Posted by Quality America on September 25, 2007 | Comments (0)


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