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Test Your Knowledge - Required Annual Training

OSHA annual retraining for clinical healthcare workers must include all of the following EXCEPT: A) An explanation of how bloodborne diseases are transmitted. B) Actual practice discharging the fire extinguisher. C) Information on the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:47 PM

New Influenza Vaccine Approved

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Afluria, an additional seasonal influenza vaccine for the immunization of people ages 18 and older. The approval increases available doses of flu vaccine to record levels. The new vaccine protects against Influenza...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:41 PM

Flush Eye Wash Station Weekly?

Q: I have a question about the eye wash station article in the recent OSHA Watch Newsletter. It says that eye wash stations should be run for 3-4 minutes weekly to flush them out and that the caps should be...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:36 AM

Staph Fatalities May Exceed AIDS Deaths

More than 90,000 Americans annually get potentially deadly drug-resistant staph infections, the CDC reported Tuesday, October 16, in its first overall estimate of MRSA's invasiveness. Deaths tied to these infections may exceed those caused by AIDS, said one public health...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:01 AM

Noise Levels in Lab

Q: Our physician just got back from a COLA symposium and is now wondering whether we need to do noise testing in the lab. We have two local companies that could do this for us but it's very expensive. Is...

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Posted by salholm at 09:55 AM

Vaccination for "Extern"?

Q: We get contacted by schools needing to have places for their students (Medical Assistant Programs) to provide practical experience in our family practice clinic calling it "externship". The schools we have had in the past have had students bring...

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Posted by salholm at 12:38 PM

Pertussis Vaccination Guidelines

Q: Where I'm located in Ohio, pertussis is running rampant in the school system. Do we need to provide any vaccination to protect our staff from pertussis patients? A: The healthcare worker vaccination recommendations published by the CDC in January...

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Posted by salholm at 11:29 AM

Test Your Knowledge - Automatic External Defibrillators

What is false regarding OSHA's policy on AEDs? A. Per OSHA, they're mandatory B. AEDs increase survival rates from less than 5% to nearly 75% C. OSHA encourages employers to make AEDs available D. Immediate defibrillation can revive more than...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:20 AM

Medical Waste Maximum Package Weight Raised

Last week, the US Postal Service increased the allowable weight for medical professional packages from 25 lbs. to 35 lbs. The weight limit applies to packages healthcare facilities use to mail contaminated sharps receptacles and bags of biohazardous waste to...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:12 AM

UL Listed and Classified Marks

Q: In doing my facility inspections, I see equipment that is UL "Listed" and some that is UL "Classified." What's the difference between these markings? A: The difference between a UL "Listed" product and a UL "Classified" product has to...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:03 AM

'Putting It All Together...Annual OSHA Review'

This conference, presented on December 6, 2007, will help OSHA Safety Officers ensure each item required yearly by OSHA has actually been accomplished. It's great for both those newly responsible for their facility's OSHA program as well as experienced OSHA...

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Posted by kmazza at 10:28 AM

Welch Allyn Defibrillators Recalled

Welch Allyn has announced a Class I recall of MRL/Welch Allyn AED 20 Automatic External Defibrillators manufactured between October 2003 and January 2005, serial numbers 205787 through 207509. The recalled devices may display a "Defib Comm" error message when the...

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Posted by kmazza at 10:19 AM

October 14 - 20: Infection Prevention Week

Next week (October 14-20) is Hospital Infection Prevention Week. The first line of defense against healthcare-acquired infections is clean hands! Let your patients know how you comply with one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent healthcare-associated infections....

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Posted by salholm at 09:28 AM

What To Do For Employee With Low Titer?

Q: I have an employee who received the series of 3 Hepatitis B vaccinations at the appropriate intervals. I advised she get her titer 2 months following the last injection but she procrastinated. Her titer drawn 6 months following the...

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Posted by salholm at 08:47 AM


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