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Test Your Knowledge - OSHA Training

According to OSHA, when do you have to train clinical staff? A). Initially, within ten days of hire B). When employees' duties change affecting their risk for exposure C). Annually D). All of the above D). is the correct answer....

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Posted by kmazza at 02:33 PM

Employee Training Headache? Get OTC Relief!

Yes, we know. Keeping up with employee training can be a big headache! That's why Quality America developed OTC relief - that is, the Online Training Center. With the OTC, you don't have to worry about getting all your staff...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:58 PM

Annual Consideration of Safety Sharps

OSHA's Requirement concerning the annual documentation that the most effective safety sharps are implemented can be confusing," Quality America's CEO, Dr. Sheila Dunn explains, "if you're using safety sharps and have found a brand that works, you don't necessarily need...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:30 PM

No More "Death By Lecture" for Annual OSHA Retraining

Looking forward to providing annual OSHA retraining for your staff? Didn't think so! Fear of public speaking is one of American's greatest phobias, right up there with snakes and the fear of death. Jerry Seinfeld once joked that at a...

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Posted by kmazza at 11:55 AM

"Go Over" Annual OSHA Training Dates?

Q: I know we have to provide annual OSHA retraining to our employees, but it's often difficult to schedule. Can we "go over" and, if so, by how much? A: Annual training on the exact anniversary date of the preceding...

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Posted by salholm at 11:21 AM

Safe To Handle Specimen After Radioactive Injection?

Q: We have been informed that after a patient has a bone scan injection (radioactive) it is not safe to draw the patient's blood or handle their urine. What is the time that should elapse before drawing or handling a...

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Posted by salholm at 11:08 AM

Test Your Knowledge - OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

What diseases does OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard protect healthcare workers from? A) Pertussis (whooping cough) and influenza B) Hepatitis A and HIV C) Rubella (measles) and hepatitis B D) HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C The correct answer is D)....

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Posted by kmazza at 01:42 PM

Office Closed for Mercury Spill

While waiting in an exam room at a North Port, FL, physician's office, an adult patient manipulated the wall-mounted blood pressure device releasing mercury onto the floor. When the spill was discovered the next day, a fire and rescue services...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:34 PM

Welch Allyn Recalls AED 10 Automatic External Defibrillators

Welch Allyn has issued a recall of the Welch Allyn AED 10 Automatic External Defibrillators, manufactured between March 29, 2007 and August 9, 2007. The affected part numbers are 970302E, 970308E, 970310E, and 970311E. The recalled devices may experience failure...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:10 PM


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