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Free How to Set Up Your OSHA Program Teleconference

As an ongoing service to our newer OSHA Safety Program Manual customers, we are offering our next free "How to Set Up Your OSHA Program" teleconference on Thursday, March 13, 2008 from 3-4:30 PM EST. During this 90-minute conference we will walk you through customizing your Quality America OSHA Safety Program Manual, covering each step necessary for implementing your facility's OSHA Safety Program.

We've set aside plenty of time to answer your questions and concerns. To register, call or email Quality America at 828-645-3661 or support@quality-america.com. If you can't attend, download an mp3 recording of a previous teleconference.

Note: You will need a current Quality America OSHA Safety Program Manual in front of you during the teleconference. If your manual is over a year old and it hasn't been kept up-to-date with our OSHA Watch Newsletter Updates, call us at 800-946-9956.

Posted by Quality America on January 9, 2008 | Comments (2)


I just want to make sure I am signed up for this already, and how do I make contact on Thursday? Do I call in, or do you call me? Thank You! Jen

Posted by: Jennifer at January 9, 2008 04:01 PM

Jen, thanks for your post. We will be sending out a 1-800 number shortly for you to call in on. Looking forward to "seeing" you there!

Posted by: Sarah Alholm at January 9, 2008 04:02 PM

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