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Test Your Knowledge - Eye Wash Stations

Which of the following requirements apply to eye wash stations?

A.) Must be on the same level, free of obstructions and have appropriate signage
B.) Located within 100 feet, or about 10 seconds walk, of areas with risk for exposure
C.) Must deliver 15 minutes flow of water at three gallons per minute and 30 psi of pressure
D.) All of the above

D.) is the correct answer. All of the above are necessary for eye wash station compliance. You'll need a plumbed eye wash station on each level of your building where surgery or patient exams are performed or where hazardous chemicals are used. Squeeze bottle type units are not compliant because an eye wash needs to have a good flow of tepid water for at least 15 minutes. Hands free use of the eye wash is also a requirement. You can purchase an OSHA-compliant eye wash that screws onto a typical sink tap for around $100.

We've heard from customers that the Desert Assembly Opti-Klens brand of tap mounted eye wash is widely available through medical distributors and has OSHA-compliant models to fit various faucet designs.

For more information about eye wash stations, including how to perform weekly eye wash checks, look in Tab 8 of your Quality America OSHA Safety Program Manual or Tab 5 of your Dental OSHA Safety Program Manual. For a "Take 5" (five minute training tip) on demonstrating the use of the eye wash to staff check out the Sep/Oct 2007 issue of the OSHA Watch Newsletter Updates.

Posted by Quality America on January 9, 2008 | Comments (0)


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