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"Natural" Cleaning Products for Dental Office?

Q: We are a cleaning company for both residential and commercial. We clean in a dental office where the dentist has asthma and is extremely sensitive to cleaning chemical fragrances and agents. What is the rule on "natural" cleaning products...

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Posted by salholm at 01:05 PM

Test Your Knowledge - Autoclave Spore Testing

How often should spore testing be conducted on an autoclave? The autoclave is used several times each day. A.) Once per week B.) Every time you autoclave C.) Live spore testing is not required D.) Once per month A.) is...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:20 PM

All About Exits

OSHA rules state that an exit route must be a continuous and unobstructed path of exit travel from any point within a workplace to a place of safety. The exit route must be a permanent part of every workplace. An...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:11 PM

Hot Off The Press - March/April OSHA Watch

The March/April 2008 OSHA Watch newsletter is in development now. We're excited to bring you this sneak preview of the features. Take a look inside: New OSHA regulation for worker infection protection proposed -- the "Worker Infection Protection Act" was...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:01 PM

Baxter Ceases Heparin Production

Baxter HealthCare Corp manufactures half of the blood thinner heparin sold in the U.S. Recently, they temporarily suspended production of the multi-dose injectable form of the drug following about 350 reports of adverse reactions, and possibly four patient deaths, associated...

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Posted by kmazza at 01:52 PM

Baby Wildlife in the Lab?!

Q: We have a laboratory employee that often brings baby wildlife to work. She rehabilitates baby animals and brings the animals to work during the day so they can be fed. This is mainly a pathology lab that also performs...

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Posted by salholm at 12:04 PM

Biohazard Waste in Dialysis Office

Q: In our dialysis office, currently there are biohazard cans shared between two beds. When the first patient is taken off, their blood canister and tubing is put in the bin. The next patient is also removed and put in...

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Posted by salholm at 11:49 AM

What's Required for Home Health

Q: Could you tell me what is required of a free standing home health care agency to be in compliance with OSHA Guidelines ( A: OSHA does NOT provide an exemption to it's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for small employers. If...

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Posted by kmazza at 02:01 PM

What's Required for Home Health?

Q: Could you tell me what is required of a small ( A: Thanks for your compliment on our website! In fact, OSHA does NOT provide an exemption to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for small employers. If any employee of...

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Posted by salholm at 06:21 PM

Dispensers of Hand Sanitizer Over Carpeting?

Q: Do the hand sanitizer dispensers have to be mounted away from carpeting? How far if yes? A: Dispensers installed directly over carpeted floor surfaces are permitted only in smoke compartments protected by automatic sprinkler systems. Effective May 24, 2005,...

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Posted by salholm at 01:19 PM

Eyewash Log Document Retention

Q: I was wondering how long we need to keep the weekly checklist for the eyewash station? I didn't see anything under the categories of the email newsletter. A: There isn't a strictly stated requirement for keeping these, but if...

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Posted by kmazza at 12:37 PM

Hep B and TST Recordkeeping for Each Office

Q: I am looking to make an Excel sheet or the like with our employee list and status of both Hep B and TB for all staff. A very big undertaking. While I will have the help of both the...

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Posted by kmazza at 12:22 PM

Consequences for Failure to Wear Gloves

Q: Where can I find information that states consequences for failure to wear gloves or altering gloves when starting IV's and when collecting blood samples? A: Employees covered under OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard need to use Personal Protective Equipment (like...

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Posted by salholm at 12:20 PM

How Long Are Multidose Vials Good?

Q: Once we've opened a multidose vial, how long is it good? Can you recommend a Policy and Procedure for our office? A: Page 13 of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) chapter 797, Pharmaceutical Compounding--Sterile Preparation, states in the section...

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Posted by salholm at 01:38 PM


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