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Hep B and TST Recordkeeping for Each Office

Q: I am looking to make an Excel sheet or the like with our employee list and status of both Hep B and TB for all staff. A very big undertaking. While I will have the help of both the HR and IT departments, I would like to know just how best to do this. While the individual offices are ultimately responsible for there own business unit, I would like to have some kind of repository of secure yet accessible information to show that we as a company are taking our responsibility to keep track of this all.

A: Here are couple of things you might want to consider in doing a central record repository for your staff:

-- Hep B vaccination is considered part of the employees confidential medical record so you will want appropriate privacy protections (password to open etc.) on the document.
-- Do you want individual offices to input their own data real time or will you take on all data entry from a centralized point?

Excel could be a good option for this. Also, adobe pdf (version 7.0 and 8.0) professional have extensive security features (digital identifications, encryption etc.) so depending our your IT department's capabilities a "fillable Abode form" may be a nice way to go. Here the employee could even fill out their out form from a template and save it. Then you use the compilation feature to bundle all of the completed forms into one document which you could protect with the security features, you could then use the "find" feature to search for a particular employee and also add "bookmarks" (the chapter definitions) by location to organize the compiled document.

I am not sure if this has answered your questions. Mainly you want to figure out how complete and how accessible you want your central record repository to be and then go into building the system from there. Hope this helps!

Posted by Quality America on February 6, 2008 | Comments (0)


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