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OSHA Compliance Seminars

Seminars from Quality America are specifically tailored to medical practices (click here for Customized Sales Training Seminars). Our seminars are conducted using state of the art technology and provide a stimulating, interactive environment which enhances the learning process. We are pleased to present several seminars as part of our Medical Practice Series (2007 titles and descriptions below).

Save time and money by calling in the experts to perform OSHA-mandated yearly retraining for employees. Quality America offers many different kinds of OSHA training seminars: a beginner's seminar, an annual retraining seminar and a "train-the-trainer" seminar.

Dr. Dunn speaks by invitation only.  Seminars are typically sponsored by manufacturers or distributors.  Fees for customer seminars are $4,250/day plus travel expenses.  Fees include master copy of handouts; approximately 50 pages per session (sponsor responsible for copies made for attendees).

Sarah Alholm also speaks by invitation only.  Fees for customer seminars are $2,500/day plus travel expenses.  Fees include master copy of handouts; approximately 50 pages per session (sponsor responsible for copies made for attendees).

AV Needs: Proxima or LCD with cable connection for a laptop. Hand-held wireless microphone.

Honorarium: Base rate: $4,500/day plus travel expenses for Dr. Dunn. $2,500 for Sarah Alholm.

Handouts: Master copy (average 25-50 pages per session) provided to sponsor at least 2 weeks prior to session. Sponsor is responsible for making copies to distribute to attendees.

Continuing Education Credits: P.A.C.E. Continuing Education Credits and Certificates of attendance are awarded to all participants at the end of the session.

Safety Seminars | Practice Management | POL Testing Seminars

Safety Seminars

OSHA Yearly Retraining: What’s My Fine? Game Show

Session Length: 2 hours

Seminar Description: This entertaining and educational session puts a game show spin on fulfilling OSHA requirements for the annual retraining of healthcare workers. Participants are challenged to pick out the mistakes and maladies demonstrated during eight to ten* short video clips presented on screen. The speaker next identifies the errors and discusses the OSHA regulations, such as the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, the Hazard Communication Standard, and OSHA’s General Duty Clause as applicable to each instance. Finally, example OSHA fines are given (cha-ching!) for the blunders. Of course, the participant who identifies the most violations, and therefore accrues the lowest total fine wins!

Determine if your facility is in compliance with OSHA regulations by honing your ability to identify infringements. Bring your current OSHA manual to the session to find out whether it’s complete and up-to-date. After the session, if you’d like to purchase a DVD of the video clips, explanations, and fines from your distributor rep, this instruction becomes a train-the-trainer, preparing you to provide OSHA annual retraining upon return to your facility.

* Number of clips depends on time allotted for session.

OSHA Train-the-Trainer

Session Length: 2-3 hours

Seminar Description: Two hour session teaches your OSHA safety officer how to present an interactive, informative OSHA yearly retraining seminar that meets OSHA requirements. Includes sample handouts, exercises, training documentation log and a test. Covers general health and safety requirements, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, Hazard Communication Standard, and OSHA’s respiratory protection requirements. A basic knowledge of OSHA requirements and a medical background (preferably nursing or laboratory) required.

Don't Get Stuck with Unsafe Needles: Meet OSHA's New Requirements!

Session Length: 1-2 hours

Seminar Description: This fun and informative session will bring you up to date with OSHA’s newest safety requirements, including those for sharps with built-in safety features. OSHA's amended Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires evaluation and implementation of sharp products with built-in safety features. Learn the - who, what, where, when and how of evaluating safety devices for your health care facility.

You will also gain valuable advice about what to look for when selecting safety products and why one product may not be ideal for all circumstances or in every department. Samples of several products will be shown and demonstrated. Find out what OSHA considers a reasonable excuse for not converting to safety products from traditional sharps. Finally, you will receive financial justification to convince management to adopt these more expensive products.

Needlesticks: How to Avoid Sharps Injuries and What to Do After One!

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Despite our best efforts, accidents will happen. In this seminar, we’ll review the 3 major bloodborne pathogens and the vaccination/treatments available for healthcare workers. Then, we’ll look at several creative ways to decrease the probability of incurring a sharps accident in your workplace, including a sneak peek at some new technologies that will eliminate sharps from procedures that have traditionally been invasive. Then, we’ll discuss exactly what testing and treatment must be performed after an employee injury, focusing on the latest US Public Health Guidelines for HIV prophylaxis. Ample time will be provided for questions and handouts will include a sample Sharps Injury Log.

Preventing Workplace Violence

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Each day more than 9,000 healthcare workers are injured or verbally or physically attacked on the job. OSHA can cite medical facilities under the General Duty Clause for failing to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. This includes preventing and controlling the hazard of workplace violence. While your workplace may never come face to face with workplace violence, it can and does occur in even the best of workplaces. The best approach to workplace violence is to stop it before it happens, by dealing effectively with acts of aggression that can snowball into full-fledged violence.

The most effective line of defense against workplace violence is a well-prepared workforce. You can best prepare by gaining confidence in your abilities to do so. This is not a physical self-defense course. Instead, you will learn to:

  • Recognize and respond to early warning signs of anger or hostility.
  • Use body language and communication to defuse hostility.
  • Set firm, direct limits while remaining respectful and polite.
  • Give bad news in the safest and most professional manner.
  • Know how and where to report workplace violence.

Infection Control for Outpatient Medical Practices

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Come to this fast-paced, fun seminar to learn about practical steps to take to ensure that patients and staff are protected from infectious diseases. Adapting recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ambulatory medical settings, we’ll discuss staff immunization, hand hygiene, instrument reprocessing, sterilization techniques, disinfecting patient areas and liquid medical waste disposal. Sensible measures to protect staff and patients from respiratory diseases such as pandemic flu and TB will also be covered.


Respiratory Infection Control: Protecting Staff Against TB And Flu

Session Length:  1 hour  

Seminar Description:  CDC’s new TB Guidelines have been finalized and they likely require a complete overhaul of your practices’ TB policies.  Come learn how to do a risk assessment to determine the extent of precautionary measures your facility must undergo. Included will be a discussion on performing and interpreting TB skin tests for employees, and what to do with employees who test positive. We’ll present practical ways to quickly identify and triage TB patients who enter your facility, and suggest ways for employees to avoid contracting a respiratory infection from these patients (surgical masks versus N-95 masks).


Preparing for Pandemic Flu

Session Length:  1 hour  

Seminar Description: Come to this fast-paced, fun seminar to learn practical steps to take to plan for exactly what your practice will do in the event of a pandemic flu to protect staff and patients. From OSHA’s latest Guidance Document and CDC’s Recommendations, we’ll discuss planning for staff immunization, social distancing, staffing, disinfecting patient areas, pandemic flu testing and treatment, and masks (surgical versus N-95) for patients and staff. In addition to over 20 pages of useful information, participants will be given a written Pandemic Flu Plan template that can be customized for their workplace.


Keeping Up with New Initiatives in Patient Safety

Session Length:  1 hour  

Seminar Description: “Do No Harm” is a fundamental principle for healthcare providers. It’s our duty, and our responsibility. Yet, patient safety is one of the nation's most pressing healthcare challenges.

Thirty-five percent of physicians and 42% of the public report experiencing a medical error themselves, or have had one affect a family member. As healthcare providers, we need to take serious and immediate steps toward assuring quality healthcare at every level.

This presentation discusses how the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s interventions can help ambulatory care medical facilities reduce negative patient outcomes. We’ll provide focused, practical recommendations for several high-profile errors such as preventing surgical fires and surgical site infections, preventing harm from high-alert medications and reducing Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. A “how-to” approach provides instructions for implementing the change in your organization. Ample time will be provided to discuss recommendations for reducing specific risk areas in your facility.


Practice Management

For office managers and office workers
Beyond Service with a Smile: How To Implement a Customer Service Program with Positive Financial Results NEW for 2008

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Service with a smile is great, but in today’s world, it’s just not enough. Customer expectations are high. Consumer loyalty – and we’re talking patients, too – is a thing of the past if organizations don’t work actively to maintain that loyalty.

And here are some sobering facts: A satisfied patient will tell five other people about their experience, but an unhappy patient will tell 20 others. The cost to attract a new “customer”? Up to 10 times more than it costs to retain one.

That’s why excellent customer service is essential to give your practice the competitive edge in your community. As competition for patients grows, medical practices are taking lessons from their corporate neighbors and providing service that is outstanding, memorable and customer-focused.

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to implement customer service strategies that successful practices use to discreetly, but actively, market to their patients. Hear how to improve patient waiting time. Learn the latest in telephone service techniques. Find out how to get employee buy-in with your new service culture.

Whether you call it customer service, patient-focused care, or patient satisfaction, it does pay off!


For physicians and practice administrators
Get on Board: “Marketing” Is No Longer a Dirty Word NEW for 2008

Session Length: 50 minutes

Seminar Description: Not too long ago, active marketing by physician offices was considered to be “unethical.” But no more! Between Minute Clinics, declining reimbursement, Internet-educated patients with high expectations (and a heavy dose of “ask your doctor…” directives from pharmaceutical commercials), medicine has become a competitive marketplace, just like in other industries. Physician practices are expected to do more with less and do it better than ever.

In this session, we’ll discuss the facts about the medical marketplace and the challenges you must overcome to succeed. We will examine ways that medical practices have added services that helped them make more money and provide better patient care. From flexible scheduling to a dynamite Website, you’ll leave with a list of workable ideas to help you discretely differentiate your practice from your competitors.


For information about Quality America's seminars contact Quality America Customer Service: 1-800-946-9956

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