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 Sheila G. Dunn, D.A. MT (ASCP)
Dr. Dunn is president of Quality America, Inc. She has published over 100 articles about regulatory issues and healthcare delivery systems, and has written several manuals on managed care negotiation, CLIA, OSHA, patient satisfaction, and practice management strategies for the managed care industry. Dr. Dunn serves as an advisor to several national healthcare companies and has presented hundreds of fun and instructive seminars nationwide.

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Dr. Sheila Dunn

Dr. Sheila Dunn founded Quality America in 1990. Current business consists of counseling major corporations such as McKesson General medical, Graham Field, Coulter Corp., Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, and Becton Dickinson, Primary Care Diagnostics. Dr. Dunn also provides physician seminars and sales representative training sessions nationwide. Prior to this, she directed product selection, marketing, and sales training for General Medical Corporation, a medical product distributor. Dr. Dunn also has former sales experience with Becton Dickinson, as well s experience in technical services, product development and quality assurance for BioClinical Systems, Inc. (Click here for a partial list of Quality America's current clients, and the services currently being performed.)

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Dr. Dunn holds a Doctor of Arts Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science education from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC (1986). Her doctoral thesis subject was "Quality Assurance for Physicians' Office Laboratories." She also holds a Master of Science degree from Catholic University (1982).

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Teaching Experience:
Dr. Dunn has presented numerous lectures and workshops in academic (medical technology, medical students), as well as business settings (sales managers, technical service representatives), and healthcare environments (physicians, physician office personnel, professional laboratory organizations, and laboratory managers).

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Dr. Dunn is the author of the "Physician Office Testing" portion of the Medical Office Report, published by Washington G-2 Reports from 1991-1995, and periodically thereafter. She has self-published an OSHA compliane manual, CLIA compliane manual and an instructional laboratory quality assurance program specifically for physician office laboratory personnel. Additionally, she has published more than 75 articles about regulatory compliance issues for physicians and negotiating with managed care. (Click here for a list of specific article and publication titles)

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What Clients Say About Dr. Sheila Dunn:
(Click here for a partial list of Quality America's current clients, and the services currently being performed.)

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