Laboratory Personnel Training Checklist



Testing Analyst:________________________       Date:______________

Test Name (s):____________________________________________



____Knows where equipment, reagents, and necessary supplies are located.


____Can reconstitute necessary materials.


____Knows where procedure is located and follows it as written, for test performance.


____Performs quality control at the required frequency and knows what to do when quality control is unacceptable.


____Performs calibrations and instrument preventive     maintenance and knows what to do if unacceptable results are obtained.


____Documents all corrective actions associated with quality control, quality assurance, instrumentation, and proficiency testing.


____Performs correct calculations to obtain reportable results.


____Knows and uses proper reporting systems (including panic results).


____Can recognize system failures, unacceptable quality control and calibrations, and inconsistent or erroneous patient results.

____Knows who to contact in the event of questions concerning testing or      reporting.








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