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Dr. Sheila Dunn and the laboratory experts at Quality America, Inc. are
dedicated to making CLIA compliance easy! Quality America's turnkey CLIA
compliance manuals provide pre-written policies and procedures for specimen
collection and handling, lab personnel training and evaluations, proficiency
testing, quality control, quality assurance and instrument maintenance.
These manuals also contain NCCLS-formatted procedures (hard copy and CD) and MSDS sheets for reagents and controls. Quality America's CLIA
Compliance manuals are available for Beckman Coulter's AcT Series Hematology

Quality America also provides "Compliance Without Complications" manuals for
Beckman Coulter hematology instruments. These CWC manuals contain specimen
collection procedures, NCCLS-formatted procedures (hard copy and CD),
and MSDS for reagents and controls.

CLIA Compliance Manuals for Beckman Coulter AcT Series

CWC Procedure Manuals For Beckman Coulter Hematology Instruments

CLIA Compliance Manual for Alfa Wassermann

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