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CLIA Compliance Manuals

Compliance Without Complications (CWC) Manuals For Coulter Hematology Systems
Why spend valuable time reinventing the wheel? Our team of medical laboratory professionals has done the work for you!
Use the enclosed Microsoft Word 6.0 disk to customize the manual to reflect circumstances in your lab.
CLIA Compliance Kit for Beckman Coulter AcT Series (including AcT Diff and Diff2) Analyzer
Includes all items needed for CLIA compliance including forms, policies, specimen collection protocol, quality assurance program, NCCLS-formatted procedure manual and MSDS sheets.
Compliance Without Complications (CWC) Manual for all other Beckman Coulter Hematology Analyzers.
CWC manual includes specimen collection protocol, NCCLS-approved procedure manual (with fill-in-the-blanks hard copy and 3.5 disk for customization) and MSDS for reagents and controls.

    NEW CLIA Compliance Manual
    includes forms/policies, etc. for CLIA compliance. Also includes NCCLS-formatted procedure manual with disk.

    The resources below were written by Dr. Sheila Dunn and have been previously published by Washington G-2 Reports, and Physicians Marketplace.

    POL Testing Economics Articles

    • Five Steps To A Practical Medicare Compliance Program for Your POL
    • POL Cost Containment: Lab Saving Tips
    • POLs & Capitation (Part 1): What Your Lab Must Know About The Economics of Capitation
    • POLs & Capitation (Part 2): Mastering The New Math Of Capitated Payments

    Customer Service for POLs

    • POL Customer Satisfaction: For That Competitive Edge, Give Your POL A Checkup

    Managed Care and POLs

    • POL Testing Challenges (Part 1): Three Major Challenges Facing POLs -- Two Down, One To Go!
    • POL Testing Challenges (Part 2): Three Major Challenges Facing POLs -- Two Down, One To Go!

    Point of Care Testing

    • Point Of Care Testing (Part 1): Issues, Answers and Future Challenges
    • Point Of Care Testing (Part 2): Issues, Answers and Future Challenges
    • Issues & Answers: Point Of Care Testing

    Patient Self Testing Resources

    • Just What The Doctor Ordered: Outpatient Anticoagulation Services
    • POL & Patient Self-Testing (Part 1): Tap Into Strong Consumer Trend To "Grow" Your POL Business
    • POL & Patient Self-Testing (Part 2): Putting Together A Program Tuned To Patient Staff Needs

    POL Regulatory, Reimbursement Information
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    • CLIA Laboratory Directory Responsibilities
    • How to Obtain 20 CME for Laboratory Directors
    • Sample Personnel Evaluation Form
    • Sample Personnel Training Checklist
    • Sample Procedure Manual Cover Sheet
    • Sample QC Policies and Procedures
    • Sample Temperature Log
    • Sample Specimen Accession Log
    • Sample Proficiency Testing Policies and Procedures
    • Sample Proficiency Test Failure Checklist
    • Split Sample Procedure and Results Form
    • Results Reporting

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