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Consultation for Manufacturers/Distributors

Expert research and advice from industry veterans. Headed by Dr. Sheila Dunn, our team will investigate, advise and report on:
Distribution strategy
Product design and development
New customer laboratory set-up
Point of care testing issues
Regulatory issues
Medicare/Managed care reimbursement

Develop Turnkey CLIA-Compliance Manuals

Customized for your products, our turnkey CLIA-Compliance manuals provide all necessary components for untrained point of care testing personnel to quickly and easily become CLIA compliant. Manuals include policies, procedures, report forms, personnel training and evaluation documentation, quality control program, quality assurance program, procedure manual, customized instrument maintenance forms, temperature logs, proficiency testing results forms, specimen accession logs, and specimen collection and handling protocols.

Newsletter Articles for Physician Practices

Dr. Dunn is a twenty-year veteran of the medical products industry who has published over 150 articles of interest to medical practices including CLIA, OSHA, Managed Care, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Service, TQM, and assorted Management Issues. We can contribute articles that highlight new developments in medical practice topics, while coordinating these topics with your advertising staff.

Newsletter Articles for Medical Salespeople

Do you have an internal newsletter for account managers? If not, you should. If so, we can help your product managers provide timely, accurate information to salespeople that enables them to give that "value-added" information to their customers….and increase sales and GP at the same time!


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