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Seminars from Quality America are specifically tailored to medical practices (click here for Customized Sales Training Seminars). Our seminars are conducted using state of the art technology and provide a stimulating, interactive environment which enhances the learning process. We are pleased to present several seminars as part of our Medical Practice Series (2005 titles and descriptions below).

Save time and money by calling in the experts to perform OSHA-mandated yearly retraining for employees. Quality America offers three kinds of OSHA training seminars: a beginner's seminar, an annual retraining seminar and a "train-the-trainer" seminar.

Dr. Dunn speaks by invitation only.  Seminars are typically sponsored by manufacturers or distributors.  Fees for customer seminars are $3950/day plus travel expenses.  Fees include master copy of handouts; approximately 50 pages per session (sponsor responsible for copies made for attendees).

AV Needs: Proxima or LCD with cable connection for a laptop. Hand-held wireless microphone.

Honorarium: Base rate: $3950/day plus travel expenses.

Handouts: Master copy (average 25-50 pages per session) provided to sponsor at least 2 weeks prior to session. Sponsor is responsible for making copies to distribute to attendees.

Continuing Education Credits: P.A.C.E. Continuing Education Credits and Certificates of attendance are awarded to all participants at the end of the session.

OSHA Seminars (below) | Physician Office Laboratory Seminars (below)

OSHA Seminars

OSHA Basic Training Seminar

Session Length: 1-3 hours (can be customized for sponsor)

Seminar Description: Two-hour session introduces healthcare workers to OSHA's General Safety regulations, Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and Hazard Communication Standard. Participants learn how and when to utilize personal protective clothing and equipment, how to handle biohazardous waste, how to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals at work and how to respond to emergencies, such as fires.

OSHA Yearly Re-Training

Session Length: 2-3 hours

Seminar Description: This fun and informative sessions fulfills OSHA’s requirements for yearly training of all health care workers.   Come learn the latest about the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, the Hazardous Communication Standard, and OSHA’s TB regulations. Find out whether your facility is in compliance with the new safety needle legislation and whether your current Emergency Action Plan will be effective in the event of a catastrophe.

If you've attended boring, irrelevant OSHA seminars in the past that simply reiterate the Federal Register, come to this session to get fast, practical advice about procedures to ensure worker safety and avoid stiff OSHA fines. The instructor, Dr. Sheila Dunn will demonstrate and reinforce safety concepts required for healthcare workers.

Materials provided include over 20 pages of useful OSHA information. Ample time will be provided for Q & A.   Two P.A.C.E. Continuing Education Credits and Certificates of attendance are awarded to all participants at the end of the session.

For all healthcare personnel, including practice managers, physicians and safety coordinators

OSHA Train-the-Trainer Seminar

Session Length: 2-3 hour

Seminar Description: This two hour session teaches your OSHA safety officer how to present an interactive, informative OSHA yearly retraining seminar that meets OSHA requirements. Includes sample handouts, exercises, training documentation log and a test. Covers general health and safety requirements, Bloodborne Pathogen standard, Hazard Communication standard, and TB requirements. A basic knowledge of OSHA requirements and a medical background (preferably nursing or laboratory) required.

Additionally, customized programs are available upon request. Continuing education credits (PACE) are awarded to participants. Current titles in the Quality America Medical Practice Seminar Series include:

Checking Up on Medical Mistakes….Managing Risk in Your Workplace

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: The media barrages the American public with outrageous medical bloopers such as contracting hepatitis from their doctor's office, getting the wrong limb amputated or undergoing a procedure where the surgical drape catches fire and permanently maims the patient.

Thirty-five percent of physicians and 42 % of the public report experiencing a medical error themselves, or have had one affect a family member. As healthcare providers, we need to take serious and immediate steps toward assuring quality healthcare at every level.

In this session, we'll examine the most common types of medical errors that occur nationwide. Then, we will look at the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) National Patient Safety Goals. Finally, we will discuss focused, practical recommendations to reduce specific health care errors in your facility.

Don't Get Stuck with Unsafe Needles: Meet OSHA's New Requirements!

Session Length: 1-2 hours

Seminar Description: This fun and informative session will bring you up to date with OSHA’s newest safety requirements, including those for sharps with built-in safety features. OSHA's amended Bloodborne Pathogens Standard requires evaluation and implementation of sharp products with built-in safety features. Learn the - who, what, where, when and how of evaluating safety devices for your health care facility.

You will also gain valuable advice about what to look for when selecting safety products and why one product may not be ideal for all circumstances or in every department. Samples of several products will be shown and demonstrated. Find out what OSHA considers a reasonable excuse for not converting to safety products from traditional sharps. Finally, you will receive financial justification to convince management to adopt these more expensive products.

Preventing Workplace Violence

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Each day more than 9,000 healthcare workers are injured or verbally or physically attacked on the job. OSHA can cite medical facilities under the General Duty Clause for failing to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. This includes preventing and controlling the hazard of workplace violence. While your workplace may never come face to face with workplace violence, it can and does occur in even the best of workplaces. The best approach to workplace violence is to stop it before it happens, by dealing effectively with acts of aggression that can snowball into full-fledged violence.

The most effective line of defense against workplace violence is a well-prepared workforce. You can best prepare by gaining confidence in your abilities to do so. This is not a physical self-defense course. Instead, you will learn to:

•  Recognize and respond to early warning signs of anger or hostility.

•  Use body language and communication to defuse hostility.

•  Set firm, direct limits while remaining respectful and polite.

•  Give bad news in the safest and most professional manner.

•  Know how and where to report workplace violence.

Infection Control for Ambulatory Medical Practices

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Come to this fast-paced, fun seminar to learn about practical steps to take to ensure that patients and staff are protected from infectious diseases. Adapting recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ambulatory medical settings, we’ll discuss staff immunization, hand hygiene, instrument reprocessing, sterilization techniques, disinfecting patient areas and liquid medical waste disposal. Sensible measures to protect staff and patients from respiratory diseases will also be covered.

Physician Office Labortory Testing Seminars

Introduction to Office-Based Testing: Regulations and Reimbursement

Session Length: 1-2 hours

Seminar Description: Come to this fun and interactive session to be sure you're meeting regulatory requirements and that you are getting reimbursed adequately for office-based testing. You'll learn about the practical aspects of the new final CLIA regulation (released in late January 2003) and how it impacts costs, personnel and quality requirements for testing. Come prepared to ask questions about your specific testing issues. From this information, you can determine which tests make sense to perform in your office for both clinical and economic reasons. Handouts are extensive and include all the information you need to know to meet regulatory requirements and code for basic laboratory tests.

Tips for Success in POL Negotiations

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Many office-based laboratories are experiencing payment reductions or outright denial for reimbursement from certain managed care organizations (MCOs). During this session, participants will find out not only how to locate and understand contract provisions involving the laboratory, but how to change unfavorable provisions. Participants will learn to negotiate reimbursement for office-based testing using the “ready - aim- fire” approach using both a letter and a formal meeting. Finally, basic negotiation skills are reviewed. Be proactive - the future of your POL may depend on it!

Becoming a POL Consultant

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: Have you entertained the idea of consulting to POLs? If so, come to this practical, no-holds-barred seminar from someone who is in the trenches to learn whether or not you want to take the plunge. You’ll find out whether you have an entrepreneurial-type personality required to make a living consulting. We’ll also discuss the technical skills required, how to structure your business, and how to market and bill for your services to ensure long-term success.

POL Consultant Discussion

Session Length: 1 hour

Seminar Description: This informal session discusses issues pertinent to those who currently consult to POLs. Most consultants work alone and could greatly benefit from group “business planning”. Come prepared to meet with your peers and share ideas for mutual success. Potential topics include additional revenue-generating services to consider adding to your repertoire, pricing structures and sales and marketing strategies. Bring several issues to discuss to this session, which is moderated by a consultant who employs a staff of 7 and has run a successful consulting firm since 1990.





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