Laboratory Personnel Evaluation



Testing Analyst: _________________________   Date:___________


Mark Yes, No, or Not Applicable:


____   Observation of all phases of testing show that all written

            steps of the procedure are followed without deviation.


____   Instrument maintenance and function checks are performed and documented according to written procedures.


____   Patient test results are recorded and reported according to protocol.


____   Quality control and proficiency test records are reviewed and acted when necessary.


____   When problems arise, the testing analyst knows how to assess the 

            situation does what is required to resolve the problem.


____   Accurate test performance has been proven by internal blind test samples, external proficiency testing, or analyzing previously tested specimens.


____   The testing analyst does not report out patient test results

             when quality control is not acceptable.


____   The testing analyst documents all remedial actions

            associated with QC,    QA, instrumentation, and proficiency testing.


____   The testing analyst recognizes all system failures, unacceptable

            QC and calibrations, and inconsistent or erroneous patient test results.


____   The testing analyst contacts the appropriate person when

            questions concerning testing and/or reporting results.



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