Obtaining Lab Director Qualifications


Physicians need at least one year of experience overseeing the operations of any moderate complexity testing to become a new lab director under CLIA. Many physicians have overseen laboratory testing in medical school or residency. Written evidence is not required, i.e.,  HCFA inspectors will accept the word of a physician. Written evidence would only be required if, at the time of inspection, there are serious quality problems in the POL.


Physicians who do not have the requisite one year's experience must attain 20 CME in a program that is recognized to provide credit for lab directors. Unfortunately, only one program, a two-and-a-half-day workshop, exists at this time:

Bowman Gray School of Medicine

ATTN: Nancy Dennis     

Continuing Education Office

Medical Center Boulevard

Winston-Salem,  NC   27157-1028

910-716-9519 to enroll

Cost is about $450 plus travel expenses



Since 20 CME opportunities are so limited, CLIA inspectors are quite lenient in regards to laboratory director qualifications. The University of Iowa has a home-study course called the CLIA COURSE that supplies CMEs. CLIA inspectors will accept enrollment in this program for physicians who wish to begin testing but do not meet the above requirements:

University of Iowa

School of Medicine

Office of Continuing Medical Education

130 CMAB

Iowa City, IA 52242-8598

ATTN: Dr. Ronald Feld or Dr. Marion Schwabaeur

319-335-8598 to order

Cost is $15.00/CME Module