About Quality America, Inc.

Founded in 1990 by company president Dr. Sheila Dunn, Quality America, Inc. is a healthcare consulting company that assists medical providers, device manufacturers and distributors to succeed in today's rapidly changing healtcare market.

Quality America has helped thousands of physicians' offices to start and maintain in-office laboratories; to painlessly comply with federal regulations such as OSHA; and to get their fair share from third-party payors and managed care organizations.

Dr. Dunn has published over 100 articles about regulatory issues and healthcare delivery systems, and has written several manuals on managed care negotiation, CLIA, OSHA, patient satisfaction, and practice management strategies for the managed care industry. She serves as an advisor to several national healthcare companies and has presented hundreds of fun and instructive seminars nationwide.

For information about all our products and services, including OSHA Training Seminars, Point-Of-Care Testing Consultation, OSHA On-Site Mock Inspections and Customer Service Seminars, contact Quality America customer service: 1-800-688-8840


Dr. Sheila Dunn
President & Founder
Quality America, Inc.

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