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P.A.C.E. for Metrex OSHA Watch Readers

Professional Acknowledgment for Continuing Education

To receive a (1 CEU) P.A.C.E. Certificate of Completion, please mail your graded test, Program Evaluation, and Continuing Education Credit Application, along with a check for $25 to: Quality America, P.O. Box 8787, Asheville, NC 28814

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1. OSHA Watch Newsletter Special Focus: Surface Disinfection (Lit. #77-2000-1)


  1. Differentiate between non-critical, semi-critical and critical items in a medical facility and state the proper method to clean these items between patients.
  2. Demonstrate how to clean up a biohazardous spill.
  3. Describe how to clean surfaces in clinical areas.

Level of Instruction: Basic

2. OSHA Watch Newsletter Special Focus: High Level Disinfection (Lit. #77-2001)


  1. Demonstrate how to safely decontaminate medical instruments between patients.
  2. Describe how to keep high-level disinfectants from losing their effectiveness.
  3. State the difference between glutaraldehyde-based & phthaldehyde-based high-level disinfectants and select the best one for your circumstances.

Level of Instruction: Basic

3. OSHA Watch Newsletter Special Focus: Hand Hygiene (Lit. #77-2002-1)


  1. Compare and contrast achieving hand hygiene by soap and water versus handwashing a waterless alcohol-based product for handwashing.
  2. Describe under what circumstances hands must be decontaminated in the workplace.
  3. Demonstrate how to store alcohol-based cleansers to avoid fire hazards.

Level of Instruction: Basic

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