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A Disinfection and Chemical Sterilization Primer

It’s a healthcare worker’s nightmare: patients infected by inadequately sterilized instruments or scopes used during a procedure in your facility. But which products are safest and most effective for the circumstances in your practice? Should a medical device be disinfected, or sterilized? How should it be done?

This white paper condenses what you need to know about disinfection and chemical sterilization into clear, concise advice. Read about new products on the market that tout a shorter soak time and lower toxicity, and when (or whether) they can be used instead of glutaraldehyde for high-level disinfecting.

Find out the difference in “critical” items and “semi-critical” items, and how they should be sterilized. Get recommendations on the best way to pre-clean instruments. Learn four tips for ensuring that your disinfectant/sterilant has retained its germicidal activity. Discover how to prevent overexposure to high-level disinfectants and the symptoms to watch for that indicate a problem.  

Patient infection, worker overexposure, and your practice found by OSHA to be non-compliant—the risks are too great not to read Quality America’s "Disinfection and Chemical Sterilization Primer."

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