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Medical Practice Seminar Series
Quality America's seminars are specifically tailored to medical practices. Our seminars are conducted using state of the art technology and provide a stimulating, interactive environment which enhances the learning process. We are pleased to present several seminars as part of our Medical Practice Series (titles and descriptions below). Additionally, customized programs are available upon request. Continuing education credits (PACE) are awarded to participants.

Current titles in the Quality America Medical Practice Seminar Series include

Dr. Sheila Dunn

Building a Customer Service Program for Medical Practices

For physicians, medical practice managers, nursing and laboratory staff, and all medical practice staff (2.5-3.5 hours)

Excellent customer service is essential to not only compete in today's marketplace, but also to increase bargaining power with managed care. In this seminar, you will learn how to implement customer service strategies that successful practices use to discreetly but actively market to their customers. These strategies consist of assessing patient satisfaction via surveys, changing the way you provide services based on patient feedback, getting all members of the practice to buy into your customer service program, and training front-line employees (including physicians!) in the nuances of excellent service. Includes discussions about patient waiting time, telephone service and etiquette, appointment scheduling, dealing with irate patients, physician rapport, and patient satisfaction surveys. Whether you call it customer service, patient-focused care, or patient satisfaction, it does pay off!

OSHA Yearly Re-Training

For all healthcare personnel, including practice managers, physicians and safety coordinators (2-2.5 hours)
Do your employees half-heartedly make it through their yearly training session? Are you sure that your training session contains all of the components required by OSHA? Quality America's fun and informative session fulfills OSHA's requirements through interactive methods such as games, video clips and demonstrations. Participants learn the importance of practicing safety in the workplace in a non-threatening environment. Hear the latest about the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (e.g., needle safety evaluation), the Hazard Communication Standard, and OSHA's new TB Regulations. Materials provided to participants include over 30 pages of useful OSHA information including a checklist for assessing your practice's OSHA compliance and a test. Ample time is provided for Q & A.

Negotiating Payment for POL Testing from MCOs

For Physician Lab Directors, Lab Managers, Lab Directors, Medical Practice Managers, Point of Care Testing Managers and those interested in POLs (2-3 hours)

Many office-based laboratories are experiencing payment reductions or outright denial for reimbursement from certain managed care organizations (MCOs). This session discusses managed care economics as it pertains to laboratory testing at the point of care (e.g., POLs). Actual documents (letters to providers, contracts, etc.) from MCOs are provided to demonstrate the limitations currently placed on POL testing. During this session, participants will find out how to locate and understand contract provisions involving the laboratory and how to change unfavorable provisions. Finally, participants will learn to negotiate reimbursement for office-based testing using our proven "ready-aim-fire" approach.

"We Make Compliance Easy."