What Clients Say About Dr. Sheila Dunn and Quality America....

  • "Dr Dunn is humorous, extremely knowledgeable, enjoyable, interesting, and refreshing. Her rapport with 300 participants was outstanding."
    Charlene Porter
    Practice Management Director
    CareNet Systems
    Columbus, OH

  • "Very informative." "Entertaining." "Kept my attention." "Excellent handouts."
    Participant comments from a Managed Care Negotiation seminar
    Jewish Hospital Health Services
    Louisville, KY

  • "You did a wonderful job presenting the educational program to the Administrators in Oncology/Hematology, and the handout information will be useful. I cannot believe the amount of regulatory changes that are taking place in healthcare. It is nice to know there are experts in the field to assist us through this process. I will certainly recommend you for future MGMA programs."
    Carole V. Erickson
    Chair, AOHA Committee
    Medical Group Management Association

  • "Many thanks for coming to Chicago to perk up our ninth conference. As always, you were an energetic, positive speaker. You help so much with the positive 'can-do' attitude we hope to present."
    Nancy Dennis

  • Program Chair
    Bowman Gray School of Medicine POL Symposium

  • "Watching the video makes OSHA training fun and you can't wait to see what the next person is going to do!!! Before you know it, you have learned the do's and don'ts of OSHA compliance using a technique that was fun and easy to understand."
  • "I have taught several OSHA training sessions to offices that had purchased manuals from various other companies, and once they saw the Quality America manual, I ended up leaving my copy with those offices."
    Kathy Rooker
    Manager of Practice Management
    Care Net Systems
    Columbus, Ohio

    "We Make Compliance Easy."

Dr. Sheila Dunn